All About Brianna

I’ve always been told that high school is the time when you figure out what you want to do, what you want to be, the college you’re going to. I’ve seen people focus on their future after high school. They tell you everything and what college they’re applying to but you never hear how or why. Every day walking into Trojan Time as soon as I take my seat Brianna starts talking.

 Brianna Travis is a junior at Potosi High School who doesn’t get recognized much. She is quiet and stays to herself, but if there is one thing she can’t stay quiet about is the fact she wants to be a forensic psychologist.

“I’ve Known Briana since 7th grade all the work she spends her time at school studying reading college-level books always talking about her college and her future,” said junior Chole Jackman.

When writing about a student that has done something or accomplished something Brianna comes to mind. I have never seen someone be so caught up in college stuff into their junior year and the amount of work she puts on herself. 

“I think it’s really interesting how people can commit crimes and stuff and I think how sometimes people have nothing happen to them in their life and still do stuff that have got invited to a CSI summer camp. I have a lot of college lined up for next year, as well as qualifying for a bunch of scholarships, I also spend my time drawing. When it comes to drawing people are my best subject but I will draw just about anything,” Brianna said. 

When she isn’t thinking about all her college stuff she also spends her time in the science club going on adventures with the science club.

When thinking about a student that puts in all her hard work taking college classes and juggling all the stuff she has doing outside of school Brianna comes to mind.