Alexis Gum takes on districts!


Heidi Seiberlich

Alexis Gum is a junior at PHS. She is currently taking a drafting class with Mr. Fulton where she makes shapes and builds tools on a computer. From there they can bring their ideas to life. Her assignment was to create and assemble her very own catapult. First, she drew every individual part on the computer and then assembled them one by one. Next, she took a trip to the woodshop and picked out their building supplies. Once they had their supplies, they cut them into their shapes then glued and nailed them together. Finally, she got to test out the catapult. Alexis’s catapult was the only one that stayed together meaning she would qualify for TEAM districts. Once she competed in districts, she didn’t have quite enough points to qualify for state. Though she didn’t make it to state, she was happy that it even made it that far since this was her first time going to districts.