Paige West Exceeding Expectations


Layla Juliette

Students are encouraged to treat one another with respect and consideration at Potosi High School. Like we’ve been told since Kindergarten, treat others the way you would like to be treated. Most students do not receive the recognition they deserve for modeling excellent behavior and following the school expectations. Paige West meets my expectations in terms of achieving success in school and serving as a positive role model. 

Paige West is currently a junior in high school. She has received many post season volleyball honors including All-Conference, All-District, and Academic All-State. Paige is not only a successful athlete, she excels in the classroom as well. She is known for her athletic ability, but she is not just Paige the volleyball player to me. 

Paige not only has helped me with becoming a better athlete on the court but she has also made me a better person off the court. She constantly encourages her teammates to succeed and have a positive attitude. Paige always makes sure everyone is involved and is always reminding her teammates that it is okay to make mistakes and to learn from them not dwell over them. 

On the topic of being a good leader Paige also informs her teammates about weight training every morning which is very convenient for the coaches so they know who can and can’t be there. My freshman year I was always nervous constantly, I always had negative thoughts about messing up.he older players intimidated and terrified me. I was very nervous all the time and Our first game was coming up for the season. I had nervous jitters, I couldn’t stop thinking about messing up on the court, but I always had a little reminder from my teammate Paige, “Come on kid you got this.” 

Paige encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and not let the opinion of others affect how I play. She always had a great way of making me feel so much better about volleyball. Paige was one of the many people that can see right through someone. She always knew when I was nervous or when something was bothering me. She always listened to me and never made me feel less of a volleyball player than the others, because I struggled with my confidence a little more than others.

Paige is not only a good role model during sports, but she is also a good role model off the court. She always behaves responsibly and uplifts those around her in school, and she radiates joy at all times. Paige has had many wonderful accomplishments at Potosi High School and I would like to follow in her footsteps and do the same thing. I thank this Student at Potosi High School for making me feel both welcome and loved.