Josie Lawson Brightening Others Days


Jaiden McDonough

        People should be kind and generous to everyone they meet. It could help brighten someone’s day or even help them be a nicer person toward others. One of the sweetest and brightest students that I know is so kind to every person that she encounters and I have watched her be so generous with others and she inspires me to strive to be a better person every day. This student’s name is Josie Lawson and she is a junior at PHS. 

She is an extraordinary artist who loves to draw and paint some of her pieces have even been sent to museums. Josie can do amazing things with makeup, she can come up with the prettiest eyeshadow look ever and her eyeliner always looks spot on. She absolutely loves fashion. It is so cool to see her put together all of the cool outfits she wears like matching a strawberry top with pink pants and decked out in jewelry. Josie has the funniest sense of humor with her friends, like making silly faces at them behind their back until they notice her and turn around. Or when she does impressions of movies and videos that she sees on tiktok and when she sends pictures of her making the funniest faces possible. 

Every morning I walk into the cafeteria to go sit with friends at one of the breakfast tables and I always see Josie smiling and laughing with friends. Once I sit down at the table she gives me some sort of compliment that makes my mornings way better like always saying, “hey gorgeous” when she sees me. Anytime I am walking with her in the halls and someone walks by she will call them pretty or compliment peoples outfits all while she has a big smile on her face. No matter where I see her she is making someone smile and brightening their days. On many occasions, Josie has given a lot of good advice to friends like telling them to not care about what others think. She is also a really good listener and will let people vent to her when they need it and she is a safe shoulder to cry on. She makes sure to ask people if they are okay if they seem upset and makes sure to cheer them up if they are. Josie is one of the sweetest students at Potosi High School and she inspires me to push to be a kind human being. 

Students like junior Keely Holland said, “Josie has such a sweet heart. Every time I am around her there is a smile on my face and I am so happy that we got closer this year.” 

Sophomore Chase Janis said, “She is always very supportive of all of her friends and she is also a very kind person.” Josie has one of the biggest hearts and will do anything she can just to see her friends smile and laugh. She is such a joy to be around and seeing how generous and kind she can be is so inspiring not only for me but for many others as well. 

Josie said, “I love making people laugh and seeing them smile makes my day. It is important to be kind to others because you never know how they are truly feeling.”