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Tanning takes on teenagers without knowing the risk

There’s no such thing as a safe tanning bed. Indoor tanning beds have so much more risk and permanent damage to the human body than other tanning alternatives, and no place in a healthy skin routine. 

 Physical health is one of the most important factors, as of now tanning beds are the number one leading factor to skin cancer. The strong UV rays increase the chance of Squamous Cell Skin Cancer by 58%, and Basal Cell Skin Cancer by 30%. 

The UV rays don’t just take charge of the skin. Without proper care to the eyes while tanning such as tanning glasses, and keeping your eyes closed, the UV rays can create cataracts in the eyes and even cancer in the eyes causing permanent blurry vision and even blindness. 

Double to the health damage, UVA and UVB from the tanning bulbs radiation causes a mutation in the DNA from skin to bulb contact. DNA mutation is a change in one’s DNA due to certain factors or activity. Due to the mutation of the skin’s DNA, the skin is reacting to the change by causing premature aging.  

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What we see as a “tan” is our outermost layer of skin fighting the UV rays creating melanin, what we see as a “Glow” is actually the damage of the skin. While the tanning bed leaves a long lasting tan it doesn’t compare to the other alternatives that even have a long lasting effect and no damage to the skin.  

While tanning beds can be relaxing, there are better and more safe alternatives out there such as ; spray tans, self tanning mousse/cream, and sun tanning.

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Madelyn Schrum, Reporter
Hello, my name is Madelyn Schrum. I am a sophomore at PHS. My activities include basketball cheer, drag racing, working, and spending time with my family.

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