PHS Band Marches to a New Beat


Abigayle Hayes, Emma Mayfield, and Ryker Walton

The Potosi High marching band has had a lot of change in the past couple of years with the new band director Mr.Simms. It is Mr. Simms’ second year as band director and he already has to get out of his norm and improvise with Covid-19 taking place. When asked about the 2020 season and what changes have taken place he replied, “The hardest thing about this marching season is the uncertainty of all of it. Not knowing how much of the season we will get in and how the competitions will look. We have had to change our plans many times because of it.”


With Coronavirus making a huge impact on the season and protocols that they have to take nobody ever really knows what is certain and what is not certain in the future. Right now the band plans to attend the marching festivals in Wright City (9/26) and Mark Twain (10/3) along with PHS’s BiState festival (10/10). However the band will be missing out on the festivals at Murphysboro, Sullivan, Central, Ste. Gen and Pinckneyville is to be determined. The songs that the band will be performing are “Flashfire,” “Despacito,” “Havana” and “Fireball.” When commenting on any changes to marching band this year senior Jordan Brown stated, “There is outdoor practice because we all are already spread out but when it is raining indoor practice has changed because it is a much smaller place.”


Another member of the band senior Kami Politte also commented on the changes: “There’s a lot less people than there usually are in the band and we are already spread out when we are marching. The only time we really have to try to keep ourselves apart is when we are taking a break.” There have been other effects on the season other than just taking protocols and social distancing. Also with the unknown of the future and if there will be any competitions for the band to go to I know that whatever the rest of the season has to offer the Potosi marching band is ready to attack whatever the competition has to offer.


Although this band season is more stressful for the band, one student found a positive. Senior color guard captain Chloe Perry said, ¨Although we don’t get to do as much this year, working together to create the show and being with the band is well worth the time we have put into it.¨