Coach Wyrick Returns to PHS Family

Aubrey Martin and Hannah Jarvis

“I try to be the light in each player’s life. For me, football saved my life throughout high school. It kept me from going down negative paths or giving into temptations physically and mentally. If I can give back to the players and to PHS in the way that they gave to me, it will make all the hardships I experience as a coach worth it.” Varsity Football Coach Dylan Wyrick said after taking the Head Coaching position at Potosi High School, just years after he played on the same field.

During a very uncertain time, Coach Wyrick has big plans for the PHS Trojan Football team although he and the students have been forced to take things day by day. “My main goal for this season is for every kid just to have fun, I want each of them to reach their full potential not only in football but as a young man. I hope to teach them positive character that will help them make a difference not only here at Potosi High but in their community.”

In week four of the season, the PHS Football team faced some challenges. Having had 6 of their Varsity starters out, the team still pulled through and has a 2-1 record after beating Fredericktown in week 3. The boys took a loss against St. Gen in week 4, but the team will travel to Central in week 5, in hopes to take home a win against the Rebels.

With COVID-19 and all the restrictions that teams and students are dealing with, Wyrick has been faced with a few challenges this season but he believes his philosophy as a coach is more important now than it ever could be. “I always tell the kids to give their best every day, because if you aren’t giving your best what’s the point? Tomorrow is never promised. This helps me personally because I remind myself to do the same thing every day, to be the best I can by each kid. We never know when their last day at football could be so I try to be a light to each of them. With all the COVID-19 stuff going on we never know when our last practice will be or our last time together is going to be.” This philosophy has definitely helped his players stay strong in a time of doubt and uncertainty. Always give 100% because tomorrow is never promised.

Coach Wyrick hopes to continue to coach his players throughout the season and hopes to continue to build strong relationships with his team. “The relationship I have with every kid is different but nobody stands out more than anyone else. The kids are awesome in their own way and I enjoy getting to spend time with all of them. “ He hopes that his positivity and encouragement will continue to bring his team together, uniting them as more than just a team, but a family.