The PHS Concert Choir Gets Its Voice Back

Patrick Wright, News Editor

The Potosi High School Concert Choir finally gets the chance to sing after three long weeks of vocal silence. The Choir is set to perform the “Star Spangled Banner” at Potosi’s first ever outdoor assembly at the football field on Fri, Oct. 2. However, this performance is coming after three weeks of unprecedented times for the choir. For the past month, the PHS singers have been prohibited from singing of any kind. 


PHS choir director Emily Lewis said, “We are following social distancing guidelines and working to safely maintain a curriculum based set of beneficial lessons. We are currently focusing on rhythm exercises and boomwhacker activities that help challenge the group as a whole and make independent musicians. For two weeks, the choir members analyzed music and discussed vocal performance. The rhythm exercises are helping us to maintain our skill level to a point. I have also been having the kids submit videos of them singing which helps them to stay vocally “fit.” The vocal cords are muscles that must be worked.”


Mrs. Lewis goes on to say that it is very hard to plan for the unknown. She said, “The kids come in everyday excited to make music, and attempting a rigorous curriculum while also finding entertaining tasks is the current challenge. I also truly miss hearing them use their amazing talent. I am unhappy with the rules, but I desire the safety of my kids above all else.”


Since Covid-19 guidelines prevent singing and performing the traditional way, in order to sing the Choir was tasked with practicing outside with a mask, and ten feet apart from one another. Mrs. Lewis said, “The masks muffle the sound and make breathing a challenge. We haven’t had an opportunity to use face shields yet, but will later this week.” Mrs. Lewis followed, “Social distancing, possibly singing outside, and face shields are all ways that we can get the choir singing again. Relocating to the gym helps to spread our group as well.” 


Senior Aubrianne Singer said, “I’m really excited about tomorrow’s performance but I’m also sad about this being my last football homecoming.”


Mrs. Lewis ended with saying, “I am very confident in Friday’s performance. My students are amazing and are used to overcoming challenges.” With a performance on Friday it looks like the PHS choir is getting Its voice back!