Potosi Volleyball Wins the County Hog

Landon Bone, Reporter

On Monday October 12, the Valley Vikings and the Kingston Cougars travelled to Potosi to compete in the County Hog. Potosi took home the championship again after back to back wins in 2018 and 2019. 


Potosi defeated Kingston 25-14 in the first set and 25-11 in the second set. They then defeated Valley 2-1,  winning 25-9 in the first set, losing 26-24 in the second, and winning again 25-15 in the third. 


Coach Sadler said, “This year’s team is excited to play in the County Hog. They’ve worked hard to have a successful year.” 


So far, the volleyball team has worked hard all season. Junior Samantha Huck said, “We are all having a really fun and great time playing together, almost every single day. We are coming together to form a special bond with each other.”