The Art Club Starts


Addison Coleman  and Lilliana Quiroz are painting the windows of commons for homecoming week. They painted Moana’s boat.

Laney Elizabeth Drennen, Reporter

Mrs. Hill and Ms. Reichent will be hosting-Art Club meetings on Thursdays after school in room 10 from 3:15-5:15 pm. 

 Mrs.Hill said, “If anyone has any wine corks, we are needing donations for the Piggy Banks that we are making in our ceramics classes. Or if you think that we could use a recycled item, please donate it just in case. You might be amazed at what we can reuse.” 

For their first project the Art club did window painting for the homecoming float themes. They painted them on the windows of commons. 

Addison Coleman said, “Art club is workin hard to get the school decorated for this year’s disney homecoming!”  

If there are any additional questions contact: 

Mrs.Hill at: [email protected] or Ms. Reichent at: [email protected]