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Laney Elizabeth Drennen

Laney Elizabeth Drennen, Reporter

  1. Age:15
  2. Hobbes Inside And Outside Of School:School:Mudding,Softball,Art club, Driving my truck around the farm,Teaching my puppy Lilly tricks.
  3. Plans For The Future:Go to Texas A&M College to become a vet, Move somewhere that is colder more of the year, be successful  in my career path.
  4. Places I've Been:Florida, New Jersey, New Orleans, Mississippi, Arkansas,Tennessee, Louisiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Kansas city,
  5. Best lesson I Have Learned: If you don't love yourself you can't  expect someone else to.

All content by Laney Elizabeth Drennen
Addison Coleman  and Lilliana Quiroz are painting the windows of commons for homecoming week. They painted Moanas boat.

The Art Club Starts

September 22, 2022
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Laney Elizabeth Drennen