Student Spotlight


This is Lindsey Brakefield Student at PHS try turning the tables and give her a complment.

Laney Elizabeth Drennen, editor

Hundreds of students line the halls, their voices buzzing in unison as the day passes them by unaware of others. At Potosi High School there is a person that many people don’t know. She goes out of her way to make other people’s day. Lindsey Brakefeild is a sophomore at PHS that warms the heart of people every day without fail. If she sees someone she knows in the school hallways, she gives them a compliment that’s sure to put a smile on their face.

I asked Lindsey what she gets out of asking and if she wants anything out of it and she said, “No it just makes me happy to make people smile because some people go home and don’t get told how awesome or beautiful they are some people go home and get treated badly.” Dude Be Nice Week here at PHS coming up on April 3-5. Usually, students at PHS vote for their friends cause they know them and want them to win. But I propose that instead of voting for your friends vote for this wonderful person that deserved to be called up for the award.

Sophomore, Aijalon Matthews said,  “Lindsey has been giving me compliments since 8th-grade year and sometimes her compliments are the only ones I get. It warms my heart with joy.”

Junior Emily Wills said, “Last year I had her  first hour and I would always come in with pajamas on and she would always compliment me and make my day, or those days you feel cute she would be my reassurance.”

After high school, Lindsey wants to continue to help by becoming a veterinarian she said she wants to “because it has always been my dream and I just love animals and I just want to take care of them and help them out.”