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The Odyssey

The Odyssey

A Brief History of the Future by The Starset Society- A Review

A review of the second novel by multimedia group, the Starset Society
Landon Dickey
The front cover of “A Brief History of the Future”, designed by Lance Buckley.

A Brief History of The Future is the second novel by the multimedia group, The Starset Society. A Brief History of the Future builds off of the first novel by the Starset Society, The Prox Transmissions

Thomas Bell, a resident of the New West, is having to fight through a mental marathon known as the “Pain Game” in order to pay for his mother’s treatment for her illness. Meanwhile, he is studying at the NW3, the New West Institute for Intellectual Innovation. A star-making performance on the standardized tests puts him in placement for a key job operating on the Architecture, the program that controls the neural interfaces that assist everyone in the New West. However, they’re also under the totalitarian control of the New East. 

After reading The Prox Transmissions, my expectations were high, and they were still blown out of the water. I’ve followed Starset and their work for a while, and so I’m clearly going to be more praising of this book than others, but my reviews have never really claimed to be unbiased. If you’re a fan of science-fiction, dystopia, and/or high-action novels, I can’t recommend A Brief History of the Future enough. 

In excitement for what the Starset Society does next, I give A Brief History of the Future five stars.

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Landon Dickey
Landon Dickey, Reporter
  • I am a member of the Graduating Class of 2024.
  • My favorite activities include Poetry, Reading, Drawing, and playing Dungeons and Dragons.
  • After High School, I plan to go to Florida to go to Palm Beach University to get a degree in Secondary Education.
  • I have One German Shepherd, a Brother, and a Mom.
  • I stand for equality and honesty for everyone as one of my main principles.

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