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Students Share Tips for Getting Driver’s License

Students Share Tips for Getting Drivers License

At the age of 15, teenagers in Missouri can take the drivers permit exam. At the age of 16, teenagers in Missouri can take the drivers license exam with Missouri State Highway Patrol driver Examination station.

Getting your driver’s permit will allow you to drive with a licensed driver over the age of 21. The earliest you can get your permit is at the age of 15 years old and the earliest you can get your driver license is when you turn 16 years old. 

“I think the scariest part about  getting my driver license is going to be not knowing what other drivers are going to be do and how unsafe others are while driving,” said freshman Cheryl Richard.

Potosi Library has a driver exam test every Friday from 8:00am – 4:30 pm. During 8:00am – 4:30 pm you can take the drivers exam and the permit exam twice in a day. Typically most try to get their permit as soon as they can so they have enough time to get practice and get  guidance while on the road. Most also get their permit soon after they turn 15 years old because in the State of Missouri every person who gets their permit has to have their permit at least 182 days before even trying to get their license. Getting your driver’s permit normally comes after you read the drivers examination book that is provided for you at the DMV. After you are sure about taking the drivers permit you have to pass with at least an 80% on the written test. 

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Senior Jarren Cross  said, “The hardest part of the driving test was the written part.” 

There are 25 questions on the written test and to be able to get an 80% you can only miss 5 questions out of the 25.  After having your permit for 182 days and being 16 years old you are now able to take the driving test with the Highway Patrol Examination Officers.

While trying to get you license  You must pass the vision, road sign recognition, and written tests at a Missouri State Highway Patrol driver examination station. A qualified person must accompany you to the license office to sign a permission statement.

The easiest part in getting my permit was the road sign test because they are pretty obvious and studying the book to take my written exam made it easier on me,” said freshman Jaxen Buckley.

At this point you will need to be able to take your driving portion you must at least get an 80 % on the drivers exam. After taking the drivers exam your instructor will now tell you if you had passed the during exam or if you had failed. 


  • Read the drivers exam book will be your best friend
  • Go online and taking the practice driver exam quiz will help you out
  • Make sure you know how to put your emergency break
  • Know how to stop at a stop sign the correct away and not too rough
  • Know or having an ideal on how to parallel park will also help you
  • Be comfortable with the road will also leave you with less mistakes and flow better
  • Have a clean car
  • Practice with an adult while having your permit

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