PHS Donates Blood


Patrick Wright, News Editor

On Tuesday, November 17, Future Health Careers Club hosted its annual fall blood drive. Every year FHCC hosts two blood drives, one in the fall, and one in the spring. This year the blood drive operated a little differently. Instead of having the blood drive in the cafeteria, the blood drive took place in the bloodmobile due to the global pandemic. 


Another way that the blood drive differed from previous years is the new FHCC sponsor. This year, Mrs. Abby Peek took on the responsibility of planning the blood drive. Mrs. Peek said, “I think this was a very successful blood drive. Our planning with the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center, our administration, and our fabulous custodial staff ensured donors were able to safely donate blood and help save lives.” 


However, this was not the first time Mrs. Peek has been involved in a blood drive. In her days as a student, Mrs. Peek was a member of FHCC. Mrs. Peek said, “It feels great to be involved in the process. I loved participating in FHCC during my time here at PHS, and to help coordinate the drive was an awesome experience.”

Mrs. Peek also already has some plans put in place for the spring blood drive. Mrs. Peek said,  “For the next blood drive, FHCC members will be advertising and spreading the news throughout the community about the blood drive much earlier than we were able to this year. Hopefully, we will be able to exceed our donor goal in the spring.” Every year the FHCC has a goal to reach. For the fall drive, FHCC reached its goal with a total of 22 pints.


 In regard to planning for this year, Mrs. Peek said, “I actually didn’t have to plan as much as I thought. Mrs. Haar had the initial plans in place from last year’s spring blood drive, so we just had to put the finishing touches in. Mrs. Fulton knew exactly what to do and pointed me in the right direction throughout the whole process. Our contact at Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center, David Chambers, was extremely helpful with everything as well. 


Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center coordinator David Chambers said, “Blood blanking is very different this year in particular. With the virus we have had to wear masks and be cognitive of doing appointments only. We also are making sure everyone is socially distanced and is tested before they come out to the blood drive. We get about 30% of the nation’s blood supply from schools, and with all of the closings it’s been pretty hard this year. You guys (PHS) are actually one of the few who are soldiering on doing the blood drive.” Chambers went on to talk about what it is like to have his job. Chambers said, “It’s great. You get to wake up every day and feel like you are really making a difference in people’s lives.”   


The blood drive also reached a ton of students. Junior Carley Hampton, shared her experience with donating for the first time. Hampton said, “It felt really good to donate for the first time because I know it’s going to help other people who need it more than I do. I have been learning a lot about organ donation in my public speaking class and it made me see how donating can really help people.”


Hampton continued to go further into the details about her experience donating. Hampton said, “The people were really nice and they gave me a lot of snacks. The needle also really didn’t hurt that bad and you can’t really feel the blood coming out of your body.” Hampton also encouraged her fellow students to donate. Hampton said, “It could save another person’s life and you would want someone to do that for you.” Hampton also said that she would absolutely do it again.