How Self-Care is Maintained at Potosi High


Hannah Frazier, Reporter

Everyone is different when it comes to taking care of oneself. Many times people don’t even think they have time for things as simple as brushing their teeth or even doing something as easy as getting up in the morning to get ready for school. Self-care should be the most important, focused part of your everyday life.

Many students at Potosi High School often get overwhelmed or stressed due to school work, classes, and sometimes even teachers. A lot of students and staff don’t take time for themselves. Oftentimes students use the word “anxiety” to describe school. Therefore I went and talked to some students and staff at PHS and found out what they do for themselves when life becomes too much to take in.

Everyone reacts differently. It’s important to acknowledge our mental health and make sure to keep it in check when necessary.

“Sometimes I take a day off school for my mental health’s sake and just focus on myself for a little while instead of worrying about what everyone else wants me to focus on,” said junior Andrew Declue.

At Potosi High staff dedicate their everyday lives to teaching students. Staff get just as overwhelmed and stressed when working because not only do they teach but they grade assignments, go to stressful meetings, and take care of students on a personal level. therefore it’s just as important for the teachers and staff at PHS to express how they take care of themselves in a positive manner.

Football coach and physical education teacher, Mr. Wyrick said that he enjoys hunting and spending time with his wife and two kids to avoid the stress and overwhelming feeling work puts on him.

Many of our students and staff at PHS mentioned to me that they are at their happiest when they are spending time with their loved ones. Doctors at the Mayo Clinic have said, “Interacting with a close group of people, like your family, can notably reduce the possibility of developing anxiety or depression.” They also believe “socialization increases the feelings of well-being, safety, and overall happiness.”

 “Coming home after school and spending time with my family is what puts a smile on my face everyday,” said sophomore Kaylee Stone.

Some students find it comforting taking baths and relaxing. Studies have shown that taking a hot bath helps improve mental and emotional health. “They create a good environment for meditation, thoughts, and an escape from everyday stressors.” noted Dr. Zack. 

 “I go home and I wash my face, then take a hot bubble bath to calm my nerves,” said senior Savanna Gerren.

Some find it soothing to listen to music and drown out the overwhelming feeling they may be receiving from school. Research shows that, “music can have a beneficial effect on the brain releasing a chemical called dopamine, which is linked to a feeling of happiness or peace.” 

“I like to listen to good music and figure out what I need to do to be prepared for the next day,” said Samiya McCloud. When Samiya forgets to take this time for herself and keep up with her self-care balance she has to remind herself that she can get stuff done and listening to music will help her.

“I like to listen to music when I’m overwhelmed because it clears my mind and frees my soul,” said sophomore Jake Phares.

Other students and staff at PHS found it more useful going on walks and breathing in fresh air to bring down the high levels of stress they may be receiving from school or work.

Mr. Dement our theater director at Potosi high has been very stressed lately while in the making of the most important musical of the year at PHS. Mr. Dement shared that he likes going on walks and long drives to help bring down his stress levels.

Taking time to yourself can be as simple as walking outside and taking in some breathes. Many students and staff found going on walks very easing.

“I find going on walks very helpful and it calms me down,” said sophomore Daniel Kean

Other students such as senior Adria Crossen find it soothing to read books late at night and just take a break from reality and really focus. Students and staff don’t take the time off to enjoy the little things in life. That’s why it’s important to focus on yourself so you don’t miss out on what life has to offer.

Another good stress coping mechanism is having a pet. Jessa Pashia said that walking her dog helps her clear her mind and just really focus on what’s most important in her life. Studies have shown that simply just petting a dog lowers the stress hormone cortisol. While the social interaction with people and their pets actually increases feel good hormones such as oxytocin. Studies have also shown that even the smallest bit of companionship can decrease the feeling of anxiety and replace it with self-boosting confidence. Pets are always a reliable source to self-care.

 “When I get home from a  rough day at school and I see my animals run up to me in joy it instantly lightens up my day and brings me peace,” said sophomore Gracie Parmley

Being productive is another reliable source for improving your mood and taking care of yourself. Some things you could do to be productive could be doing daily affirmations, distracting yourself in a positive, happy way, and or sticking to a schedule that makes you feel better about yourself. Cleaning is also a positive way of being productive. Living in a clean environment definitely picks up your mood and gives you a sense of refreshment. 

 “I sort things out and organize, then I focus on the important stuff and gradually make my way to the less important work,” said freshman Lana Parmley

If you are unsure of how you maintain your self-care some good questions to ask yourself are: What brought me joy today? This week? This Month? Or questions like: What do I crave in life? What am I passionate about? These are all great questions to ask yourself when in doubt.

Students and staff have given examples of how they keep and maintain a positive self-care routine. It’s important to take care of your mental health and be in a happy state that your mind is at peace with. As previously stated, self-care should be the most important and focused part of your day. 

On days when you are feeling more unbalanced than usual, remember the advice from Mignon McLaughlin, author of The Neurotic’s Notebooks, “Every day of our lives, we are on the verge of making those slight changes that would make all the difference.”