Beach Waver


Marisa Callahan, Reporter

The purpose of the beach waver is to create a variety of different curls. Some of the types of curls you can make are beach waves, vintage waves, and traditional curls 

How to use

  1. You will first pick to turn the Beach Waver on.
  2. Grab the amount of hair you want depending on the size curl you want 
  3. Put the clamp on the end of your hair
  4. Hit and hold the button that goes away from your face till you get to the top of your head
  5. Hold in your hair for 5-10 seconds
  6. Then release the clamp and let the hair out and cool down 

 Cost: Depending on the size it can reach from $110-$150.

Comparison: Compared to the Beach Waver, the Gold Bond wand is a little more expensive but the Beach Waver is way easier to use. With the Beach Waver, I don’t burn myself as easily and it takes less time to fix my hair.

Recommendation: Even though the Beach Waver is a little pricey, I would definitely recommend it! It’s definitely one of my favorite things I use for my hair!

Rate:  I would rate this 5/5