Miss Gray Helps Prepare Students For College


Marisa Callahan, Reporter

Throughout my high school years, I struggled with the idea of what I was going to do after high school. I knew I wanted to continue my education but I didn’t know for what. I was fortunate enough to have a college adviser who has gone above and beyond to support me in every way possible. Miss Gray has helped me with countless hours filling out scholarships and has even helped me look into colleges. She has allowed not just me, but some of the other student body to visit colleges. Beyond just helping with my scholarships, she is always willing to talk to me about any issues that have been weighing on my mind. There is never a moment she isn’t willing to listen and provide some advice. Miss Gray has helped me with advice inside and outside of school. She has always helped me navigate through some of my toughest times and challenges throughout my senior year.

Despite the challenges, I asked for advice and she helped me for countless hours. My senior year has been the best year of school so far. Miss Gray has allowed me to tour Mineral Area College, Jefferson College, Southeast Missouri State University, and Lindenwood University.  When I asked Miss Gray what she did, and she replied, “I am employed through Missouri College Advising Corps (MCAC). Our mission is to go into schools to assist and encourage students in their postsecondary planning. Whether it be college, the military, or the workforce, I help them at every step. I organize rep visits, and tours, help with applications, and financial aid, and host events in the school that celebrates their accomplishments.”

Miss Gray is also preparing for decision day. Decision day is a day for all seniors who have decided on a postsecondary option. This year’s theme is carnival. Miss Gray has spent many hours over the last few weeks preparing, creating, and purchasing items for a giveaway. Miss Gray has been developing games for us seniors to play on decision day. 

“Miss Gray, I need advice on students like me going to college,” I asked, and she replied, “The college-going process can be very overwhelming. There are endless options and opportunities, and it is normal to feel overwhelmed. But don’t let it discourage you! ANYONE can further their education! There are infinite resources available. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Some so many people want you to succeed.” I wanted to find out more background information on Miss Gray’s college life, so I had a talk with her about it. Miss Gray attended Mineral Area College before transferring to Central Methodist University online. She received two Bachelor’s degrees in 2021, one in History Education and the other in Business. While online education is not for everyone, she found it to be the greatest option for me in the end. She said this was the best fit for her because  “it allowed me to live at home and work while completing my degree. My biggest takeaway from experience was that it is okay to take your path. While all of my friends moved away and went to college, I stayed home. I was still able to learn a lot about myself during this time and what I ultimately wanted for my future.”