What PHS Students are Proud Of

Myla Blair, Reporter

Everyone has something to be proud of whether it’s getting a job, good grades, or sports accomplishments. Actually it’s proven that if you have something you’re proud of you will have better self esteem, better self worth, and excel at motivating others. 


Sophomore, Hannah Fraizer is proud of having a stable job and being at her job for around a year. Hannah’s plan after high school is to go to college and get a business degree to potentially be a business owner. To Hannah and other high school students having a job means that they have extra money to buy gas for their car, buy extra things they may want, also if they have to put themselves through college or their next step after high school. 

According to The New York Times having an after school job promotes skills such as time management,  independence, and personal responsibility. These skills also help students after high school because The New York Times also says that these are skills that colleges and future employers look for. 

Overcoming hardships

Freshman Scarlett Pinson said, “I’m proud of who I have become after overcoming all challenges life has thrown my way.” 

As high school students we have underlying challenges that teachers and other students may have no idea about. With having these struggles it shows a person’s true personality and strengths. To Scarlett, having overcome these challenges means that she has grown as a person and friend to her classmates and peers around her. She is constantly trying to better herself to be the best version of herself that she can be. 


Freshman Shannon Riddle is proud of her sports ability and keeping good grades she also says she’s proud of how much she has improved. Shannon said “I’m glad I have been able to gain so many friendships while playing sports.” Playing sports in high school is a great benefit for many kids. School sports make kids be held to a higher standard to have good grades. Being in sports means you are responsible for yourself and have to hold yourself accountable for your actions and grades. According to At Your Own Risk.org student athletes earn up to 40% higher on test scores. 

Extracurricular activities

Junior, Brennon Blair said he’s proud of his racing career and how far he has come being only 17. Brennon also says that he is proud to have good friends that support him along the way.  

Brennon said, “Having good friends makes me feel supported and it always helps to have extra help on the racecar when it’s needed.”

Being proud of your racing is a great benefit for kids. According to Youth Racers of America. Com racing benefits your mental health and builds self discipline

Overcoming Personal Fears

Freshman, Kalie Barker is proud of making the cheer team this year and trying new things. She also says it was a challenge because she doesn’t like to try new things because she’s shy and quiet and sometimes it’s hard for her. 

Kalie said “Im proud of myself because I was uncomfortable and had no confidence because the girls were better than me but I’m glad I did it”

It is very beneficial for high school kids to be willing to try new things and to be proud of themselves for doing so. According to the U.S department of Education. It builds confidence, team working skills, and a sense of belonging. 

Everyone has something to be proud of and these are just a few out of all the people I spoke to. Being proud of something isn’t just a great feeling, it’s a privilege. Being able to recognize that you did something good or that you accomplished something is even better. 

“Be proud of yourself and remember how far you have come”