Banned Books of 2023


Jade Williams, Reporter

Over the years, many books have been “challenged” within school districts to be banned in their library. College Composition 1 (Comp 4) classes are writing to the superintendent about a banned book they had to read in class. Some of the books that were knowingly and unknowingly banned books included Frankenstein and The Lord of the Rings. Most books dont come with warnings like the top of Netflix movies. The reasoning for most banned books is violence, strong language, sexually explicit content, and drug abuse. Here are some of the books that students in Mrs. Kay’s class have chosen for their banned book project: 


Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Read by: Senior Jayden Cain

Why was it banned?

This book was banned because Victor Frankenstein was accused of “playing God” because he goes against nature and dares to create life from death. 

Sneak Peek/Recommendation

Victor Frankenstein was a man who grew up in Switzerland in the company of his close family and studied old chemistry. Eventually, when Victor grew he went to study in Ingolstadt where he stumbled upon a way to give life. Victor amazed at what he found devoted himself to tireless work in hopes of bringing a volition of his own creation to life. However, Victor didn’t consider the consequences of finishing his endeavor and was appalled by his own creation. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a story with a good moral dilemma as this book presents a few. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a darker-themed story as this is a darker-themed book.


A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

Read by: Senior Jay Douglas

Why was it banned?

This book was banned because of the graphic violence, language, and sexual content displayed throughout the book. 

Sneak Peek/Recommendation

Alexander Delarge wanted to lead a successful gang that incited violence for entertainment, but his friends betrayed him, sending him to prison. So Alex decided to go through a rehabilitation program called the Ludovico technique that aims to associate violence with the feeling of being very sick. Then he found himself being attacked by his former victims leading him to attempt suicide. This led doctors to do surgery on his brain and cure the condition caused by the Ludovico Technique.  I do not recommend this book to everyone, but a select few who like to face challenging topics. To those, I recommend this book because it presents a strong moral dilemma, it had a captivating plot, and created an interesting insight into the future. 


The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

Read by: Junior Decklan Cannon

Why was it banned?

This book was banned because of crude language, sexual material, and violence

Sneak Peek/Recommendation

The book begins with a troop of American soldiers in the rainforests of Vietnam. The book is not written in chronological order as it flashes from the soldiers’ time in the war to their time in America after the war. Most of the beginning of the book however talks about their time in Vietnam and some of their experiences. As the book progresses it starts explaining what the soldiers experienced when they returned home from the war. It explained their struggle to fit in with society. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in war stories and anyone who likes the deeper meaning behind the pages. 


The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls 

Read by: Junior’s Morgan Blair and Aubree Griggs

Why was it banned?

This book is banned because of sexually explicit content, offensive language, alcoholism, abuse, neglect, domestic violence, and discrimination. 

Sneak Peek

This book is about the childhood of Jeannette’s family. Her dad was an alcoholic and her mom had a teaching degree that she never used. The family was poor and moved around a lot. They started out living in small mining towns on the west coast but when things started to get worse they moved to her father’s hometown, Welch, West Virginia. Jeannette had three siblings, Lori, Brian, and Maureen. They all learned how to take care of themselves because they were neglected. After some time, Jeannette approaches her parents and tells them they need to take better care of them. 

Morgan’s Recommendation

I recommend this book to anyone because it shows how you can overcome the hard things life throws at you and it is an inspiring book. 

Aubree’s Recommendation

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes autobiographies and people who are trying to find themselves in life. 


Dear Martin by Nic Stone

Read by: Junior Landon Dickey and Jarren Cross

Why was it banned?

This book was banned because of racial discrimination, inappropriate language, and mature controversial topics. 

Sneak Peak

Justyce McAlister with a black high school student in Atlanta who goes to a white-dominant school. Justyce has a terrible encounter with a police officer at the start of the book which is why he begins writing to MLK to tell him about all the things he is going through at this time. He starts writing longer and longer to MLK every day or every couple of days telling him about these problems. He tries his best to describe the problems that are happening with racial discrimination and put us on the level he feels he is on. 

Landon’s Recommendation 

I recommend this book because it allows the reader to have another perspective on how African Americans are treated in today’s society. 

Jarren’s Recommendation 

I recommend this book to anyone that likes to read about the african american culture and how they are treated in society today.