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Community members share their proudest achievements.

For Women’s History Month, several members of our local community have shared some of their proudest achievements.
Susie Malugen
A selfie of my mom, Susie Malugen
A video highlighting achievements of the women in our community, and what that says about our culture.

March is Women’s History Month, and several women in our community have spoken on their proudest achievements, in celebration of their efforts. 

One of our counselors, Mrs. Gray, says her proudest accomplishment in life was her daughter, PHS College Advisor, Miss Emilie Gray. 

Our incoming principal, and current assistant principal here at Potosi High School, Mrs. Bouse spoke of her kids, admiring their success in their academic and personal lives. 

PHS Art Teacher Mrs. Reichert says that her proudest achievements are living as a single woman on her own, and graduating from college. Mrs. Reichert is notably the only Gen Z teacher that was interviewed, highlighting a generational gap in mindset amongst generations. 

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Last but definitely not least, my mom, Susie Malugen, spoke of her kids as her proudest achievement, claiming that we are bright, caring individuals. Having dealt with many struggles over the last few years, my mom has built up strong armor against the judgment and expectations of her peers, telling me that “everyone is living their own lives” and has worked towards building up herself outside of being a mom. 

Notably, from the interviews gathered, three of four of our interviewees discussed their children as their proudest achievement. We can also note the generational gap, as the three mothers are all a part of Generation X, while Mrs. Reichert is a part of Generation Z. What we can pick from this is that during Gen X’s time, a common expectation for women was still to be a mother. 

The expectation around women in our culture may be changing however, as we see more and more women not being mothers right as they go into their 20s. In fact, since 1970, the average age for a woman to have kids was 21, while now the average age is around 30. This shift is highlighted by the surge of women attending college, leading to them waiting longer to have children. 

The changing of expectations of women can allow for more celebration of women that live different lives. “Everyone is living their own lives”, and it’s critical that we remember that moving forward. Happy Women’s History Month from Potosi High School.

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