PHS Cheerteam Getting Ready For HOCO


PHS Cheer Team praying before the game starts.

Marisa Callahan, Reporter

Homecoming for the Potosi Football team and cheerleaders is Friday, September 23, 2022.

The cheerleaders will perform in the assembly at 8:05 on Friday morning, then they will be walking in the parade at 2 P.M. Then kickoff is at 7 P.M. The PHS cheerleaders will perform again at halftime.

As homecoming is approaching, the PHS cheer team is finishing up their dance, making locker decorations, making posters to hang up in the gym and outside Friday night, and making buttons. 

Senior Lauryn Reed has been working hard on choreographing the dance and trying to teach the dance to the team. “I’m so beyond proud of how hard these girls are working and putting their time and dedication into learning this dance, I can’t wait for the crowd to watch all of us perform.” 

Senior Dylan Darnell said, “ I’m so thankful for the time the cheerleaders put into making locker decorations and the posters and buying, or making us gifts every day. All the senior football players really appreciate all the cheerleaders do for us.”

Junior Kaelynn Mosier said that she believes even though she has spent hundreds of dollars on locker decorations she does it so seniors can have memories they can keep for the rest of their lives, and they have something to look forward to every day of homecoming week.

The cheer team also made posters for the volleyball team, marching band, cross country, and tennis players so they can have some decoration on their lockers, too. 

One of the last things the girls will make is buttons. The buttons are something the team started a few years ago, to have something forever and then pins for homecoming. Each player on the football team will have their own button and each cheerleader will have their own button too. The buttons are made by a button maker that is in Coach Maxwell’s classroom, which all the girls will get together and make on Thursday and give to the boys Friday morning.